women empowerment ngo in gurugram

About Us

Aaruhi Enterprises is founded by Mrs Poonam Sehrawat and Mrs Pinki Yadav with a aim of protecting environment and women empowerment.Flower pollution is often overlooked while crafting policies towards cleaning the river. Floral waste, reportedly, accounts for 16 per cent of the total river pollutant. While rotting flowers affect the water quality, the pesticides that are used on them.

Aaruhi Enterprises is established to provide solution to the monumental 'floral-waste' problem. We collect tons of floral-waste from temples in Delhi/Ncr , India on a daily basis. These sacred flowers are handcrafted into organic dhoop through our 'Flowercycling' technology.

All our products are handcrafted by our women flowercyclers, providing them with predictable and healthy livelihoods. We are the genesis of new circular economy model, a stream of waste that was unimagined, pointing to systems change.

We use a lot of packing and create a lot of waste in the packing itself. The gift itself is stacked up in our lofts only to be forwarded to someone,sometime as appropriate.

We at Aaruhi Enterprises have created a total usuable Diwali Hamper. The Hamper is an Aashirwaad in disguise, All the products in the hamper are made from temple flowers hand made by underprivileged women.

Team Members

women empowerment ngo in gurugram

Director - Mrs. Poonam Sehrawat

women empowerment ngo in gurugram

Director - Mrs. Pinki Yadav