Founder Message

Founder Message

Flower pollution is often overlooked while crafting policies towards cleaning the river. Floral waste, reportedly, accounts for 16 per cent of the total river pollutant. While rotting flowers affect the water quality, the pesticides that are used on them, leach into the waters and harms marine life.

But the same waste flowers have an enormous potential of being turned into wealth.

I started this journey to put temple flowers to good use.

Instead of letting tonnes of waste going down the river or any other water body, it is collected at one place, and is processed to create products like Dhoop Bati, Showpieces etc. With small steps to reverse the temple flowers and to convert them into dhoop and other utility products, I put in my heart and soul.

I feel immensely proud and honoured that Deputy CM of Delhi Mr. Manish Sisodiya showed interest in the mission behind Aaruhi Enterprises and encouraged us. Powerful words like his will encourage us to do better and we will put in our best for influential people like him to encourage eco friendly entrepreneurs further as well.

For all your dhoop baati needs contact us and save the mother earth alongwith getting the dhoops made out of gods flowers.